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The Soyal Excel Difference

From the beginning, Soya Excel has been exclusively devoted to processing soybeans into TRITURO soybean meal and soybean oil – our speciality. Our unique process is 100% percent mechanical and entirely chemical free. Beans are extruded, cold-pressed and then ground.

Through this process, TRITURO soybean meal and soybean oil maintain the proteins, energy, vitamins and amino acids of soybeans. These naturally occurring nutritional qualities prolong the product’s shelf life. Additives and preservatives such as vitamin E, lysine, methionine or tocopherols are therefore unnecessary to produce complete and nutritious products.

Since 1998, Soya Excel has been perfecting its processes. Our expertise has allowed us to offer consistent and high quality products. We know how to effectively eliminate soybeans’ anti-nutritional factors that could hinder easeful digestion without destroying any of the grain’s naturally beneficial properties.

Food security is the human capacity to satisfy our dietary needs and preferences in order to live healthy and active lives. Food security’s four cornerstones: availability, access, stability and health.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) and porcine epidemic diarrhea are two examples of food hygiene related problems that have caused major upheavals in the agri-food industry for producers and consumers alike.

We have nevertheless known of several preventative measures for years: 100% plant-based food sources (as opposed to animal-based food sources) and supply chain proximity. These measures speak to Soya Excel’s relevance and excellence.

TRITURO soybean meal is a natural and complete source of 100% vegetable protein that does not require the addition of fats, chemicals and antibiotics. The organic products are non-GMO. Our specialization in soybean processing means that we have eliminated the possibility of animal contamination, ensuring peace of mind for millers and agricultural producers through guaranteed food security.

Soya Excel knows the source of all of its products through both the processing and distribution chains. Our impeccable traceability required for organic certification and applied to all of our products supports the safe and hygienic qualities of our production.

The company philosophy has always been about understanding our customers’ needs. And we have a proven track record – nearly two decades after opening our doors, we’ve increased our production tenfold. The quality and availability of our products as well our friendly, efficient service tailored to every miller’s and agricultural producer’s unique needs are the very heart of our company. Your satisfaction is ours, so please do not hesitate to contact us!