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Purchase of organic, non-GMO and conventional soybeans

Soya Excel buys organic, non-GMO and traditional soybean grown for animal consumption.

Recognized as a reliable business partner, Soya Excel promotes the local purchase of soybeans by buying directly from producers and from Québec-based brokers.

Do you have soybeans?

As we increase production, Soya Excel is continuously looking for new soybean suppliers. We can purchase your lot even if it is damp or soiled as we have the necessary equipment to dry and clean soybeans. Soy Excel can accept your batch of beans even if it is too wet or too dirty as it has all the necessary equipment to dry and clean soybeans.

Price and ranking

Transaction terms are flexible:

  • Futures market (for traditional soybeans only)
  • SPOT price changes weekly
  • Futures contracts

Soya Excel is looking for feed-grade soybeans:

  • We do not have a preference for a variety of soybean
  • We accept both light and dark hilum
  • We do not have a particular distinction for “high protein” varieties

Soya Excel uses the Canadian Grain Commission’s Official Grading Guide to qualify soybeans received:

  • We set our prices on soybeans graded Canada No. 2
  • We accept a 14% humidity rate without an additional drying fee *most local buyers accept a 13% humidity rate
  • The limit of roughage we accept is 1%
  • We will not downgrade grain lots with certain characteristics such as:
    • broken soybeans not passing through the No. 8 round hole sieve
    • spotted or stained soybeans

Less downgrading means more revenues! When the time comes to put your harvest on the market, make the right choice: call Soya Excel!

Free grain storage service

Soya Excel offers a COMPLIMENTARY, 4-MONTH STORAGE service, without entry fees or obligations to sell at the end of the 4-month period.

Custom weighing service

Soya Excel is strategically located in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu

In the heart of the Montérégie region

A stone’s throw away from Exit 115 on Highway 20

We have an 80-foot scale and an electronic probe for samples.