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Soybean hulls are a very interesting dietary by-product as they contain a high proportion of digestible fibres. They can therefore be considered as a partial substitute for fodder in terms of fibre content, and partial substitute for grains in terms of energy content. As soybean hull fibre is easily assimilated by ruminants, soybean hulls are an excellent source of energy, comparable to most grains. And as they contain very little NFC starch, they do not increase acidosis risks. Integrating hulls to feed can balance out high energy, energy, digestible NDF fibre rich and moderate NFC starch rations.

Conventional, Hulls, Organic


  • Great source of digestible fibre
  • Higher UNT1 value than beet pulp, cotton, barley and corn
  • Palatable
  • Increases flow of post-ruminal bacterial protein
  • Increases ruminal digestion of fibre thereby increasing fodder intake for ruminants