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The Company


Founded in 1999 in the municipality of Beloeil and born of the passion of three agricultural producers

Three passionate agricultural producers founded Soya Excel in 1999, in the municipality of Beloeil. The company quickly became a leader in producing our famous TRITURO soybean meal and soybean oil.
As a local agri-food processor, we wholeheartedly foster agricultural development in Québec by offering products adapted to each animal production’s specific needs.
The company is also proud to have opened a new plant in the spring of 2015, allowing us to convert our original plant exclusively to the production of organic products.


Our mission is to produce and market soybean meal and soybean oil that meet the highest standards of animal nutrition. Soya Excel is committed to providing a stable, complete and uniform product, ensuring the optimal performance of nutritional programs.

Did you know that Soya Excel is the inventor and trademark holder of TRITURO?

The term TRITURO is derived from the verb “triturate,” meaning “to grind into a powder.” At Soya Excel, this verb perfectly describes our transformation process: 100% mechanical, 0% chemical. This allows us to produce an entirely natural meal that maintains the soybean’s natural minerals and amino acids.


Three agricultural producers founded Soya Excel to process locally grown soybeans into meal and oil. At the time, despite high demand in the area, there was no locally processed soybean meal. As such, Québec soybeans were exported to southern Ontario, where they were processed into soybean meal, and then shipped back to Québec.
The importance of an entirely plant-based (or meat analogous) diet for animals came to light in 2001, with the mad cow disease crisis. At this time, Soya Excel implemented new standards in animal feed. The company hasn’t stopped growing since.


Three crop producers design and implement a processing project in collaboration with the Fonds régionaux (regional funds) de solidarité FTQ.


The first phase of the processing plant is built in Beloeil, with an annual soybean meal production capacity of 12,000 tons.

It is in this plant that Soya Excel creates the TRITURO meal, perfecting a unique process of extruding and cold pressing soybeans without chemical products.


The business partners Capitale Financière Agricole become shareholders, allowing annual soybean meal production to reach a capacity of 24,000 tons.


Major investments in the plant’s infrastructure considerably reduce dust and noise emissions, lessening the impact on the growing community nearby.

The two remaining shareholders, Alain Lafrance and Richard Williams, join forces, fostering Soya Excel’s progress through new development strategies.


Investments into new production equipment increase the annual production capacity to 41,000 tons.


Soya Excel is the winner of the agriculture and agri-food production award at the Grand Richelois gala in 2013, hosted by the Vallée-du-Richelieu chamber of commerce and industry.

Internally, technical innovations lead to the production of soybean oil that meets the highest standards of animal nutrition, opening up new markets.


Soya Excel builds a new plant in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, with an annual production capacity of 90,000 tons, increasing the company’s total annual production capacity to 130,000 tons.

The first plant’s activities in Beloeil shift to exclusively produce 100% organic certified soybean meal and oil.