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Blackexcel Equine Soybean Oil


Blackexcel Equine Soybean Oil

Specially designed for horses, BLACEXCEL Equine Soybean Oil is cold-pressed, which means it has all of the amino acids essential to animal nutrition. A sulphuric feed additive accelerates the assimilation of nutritious elements. Top dressing with BLACEXCEL Oil supports horses’ quick recovery and increased ability to sustain focus so that you can work together to achieve your goals!

Daily55 ml per 200 kg of weight improves the coat and the mane’s sheen
Draft Horse (heavy)175 to 200 ml a day (top dress)
Schooling and Competition (light)85 ml a day (top dress)
Ration Dust Control17 L per metric ton of meal
Conventional, Oil, Organic


  • Produced for active, adult horses, mares during late gestation and lactation, and growing horses
  • Precise and efficient energy source that doesn’t leave the animal feeling satiated
  • Energy supporting improved focus and endurance
  • Naturally present linoleic acid improves the coat’s sheen – the acid forms a barrier that maintains the skin’s moisture and helps prevent several dry skin issues
  • Great natural source of antioxidants (vitamin E, tocopherol 1566 ppm) and unsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Superior digestibility and palatability compared to traditional commercial oils
  • Contains oleic acid (23%), linoleic acid (51% and alpha-linolenic acid 8%)
  • 100% vegetable high-quality, crude energy
  • Quick and easy optimization of meal recipes with top dressing

Analysis Results

Value of fatty acids

Fatty acid valuesTotal % of fatty acids
C14:0 MYRICTIC 0,07%
C16:0 PALMITIC 10,03%
C18:0 STEARIC 4,00%
C18:1 CIS-9 OLEIC 22,50%
C18:2 CIS-9,12 LINOLEIC 53,10%
C18:3 C-9,12,15 LINOLENIC 9,10%
C20:0 ARACHIDIC 0,15%
Energy value (equine)8980 Kcal/kg

Guaranteed analysis

Humidity0,22% MAX
Total fatty acids98,00% MAX
Insoluble matter0,02% MAX
Non-saponifiable liquids0,60% MAX
Metabolic energy (equine)8980,00 Kcal/kg
Soybean oil naturally contains the following antioxidant:
Tocopherol (vitamin E), 1566.00 ppm