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Soya Excel, leaders in soybean processing since 1998.

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Leaders in soybean processing

As your local agricultural processor, we at Soya Excel produce our famous TRITURO soybean meal and soybean oil. Our products meet the highest standards of animal nutrition so we can ensure your nutritional program’s optimal performance.

Soya Excel devotes itself exclusively to mechanically processing (without chemicals) soybeans into TRITURO soybean meal and soybean oil. Our expertise is at the heart of our consistent, high quality products.
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TRITURO soybean meal is a complete source of 100% plant-based food protein. It requires no additional fats, is chemical free and – for our certified organic and non-GMO products – GMO free.
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Applied to both organic and conventional products, impeccable traceability means we know the source of our products and work to guarantee safety and hygiene standards.
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The quality and availability of our products as well our friendly, efficient service tailored to every client’s unique needs are the very heart of our company.
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